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Gals For Cal is a group of women, connected through friendship and Duchenne, that competes in triathlons, dualthons, and road races to raise awareness and funds in support of the fight against Duchenne. Many of the Gals are mothers themselves of sons with Duchenne, as well as female friends and family members.

Gals For Cal was started in 2009 in honor of a boy named Calvin who was diagnosed with Duchenne at the age of 5. The first Gals For Cal team was comprised of 21 women who raised over $25,000 to support Duchenne research efforts. For many of the Gals, the 2009 Danskin Women’s Triathlon was their first triathlon ever.

The Gals could not be stopped, and in 2010 they came back even stronger – both mentally and physically – with a team of more than 50 women. These women are relentless, and in 2016, the Gals totaled 100 women who were all TRI’n for Duchenne! It didn’t stop there, and over the past few years the team has continued to grow and spread, participating in races in Virginia, New York and Massachusetts. To date the Gals for Cal have raised over $250,000 for Jett Foundation and the fight against Duchenne.

The New England Gals will be doing the Title 9 Triathlon in Hopkinton on Sunday, September 10, 2017. Email to learn more or visit their website!

For the men who also want to tri for Duchenne, we have the D.A.D.S. (Dudes Against Duchenne) team organizing to do the Sharon Triathlon Max Performance in Sharon, MA on August 13th. Email Steve Dreher, at to learn more!

2017 Race: 

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