The Jett Foundation Fighting Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

New Ad Comm Date Coming Soon


Our coalition is in close contact with the FDA, and our first order of business is to get a date for the rescheduled Ad Comm so we can plan with certainty. We will be in touch as soon as we have more information.

The past few days have been an emotional (and logistical) roller coaster. Many of you rearranged work and family schedules to travel from as far as London, Australia, and California only to find out upon arrival that the Ad Comm was postponed. Thank you for being there ready to speak out on behalf of our community. Do not lose faith – we will come back, and we will come back strong! 

We plan to spend the time we have until the rescheduled Ad Comm making sure our messages are as accurate, compelling, and impactful as possible.  For those of you who were scheduled to speak, we ask that you refrain from publicly sharing the remarks you would have delivered – whether online, on social media, or otherwise.  To ensure maximum possible impact, the first time those remarks are heard should be at the OPH in front of the FDA and the Advisory Committee. 

 We are deeply grateful for the amazing response from all of you, and for your willingness to stay the course despite this latest setback. Together, we will MAKE DUCHENNE HISTORY.




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