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Testimonies for Sarepta’s Advisory Committee Meeting

January 5, 2016


Please read the testimonies below that will be shared for Sarepta’s Advisory Committee. These testimonies are important because they are provided to the panel who is responsible for making a recommendation to FDA on the approval of eteplirsen.

Is your son or daughter, brother, sister, niece, neighbor exon 51 skip amenable? Are you waiting for ‪#‎Eteplirsen‬ to be approved and want a voice in the process? Please post a video testimony on social media and make it public! Then email the FDA care of Ms. Choi and cc us at and Let us know if we have permission to share your testimony with the media!  Together we can make the FDA listen to every voice. Deadline is January 7th, so do it today!

Written Testimonies:

Written Testimony from Jen Dumm

Written testimony from Christine Jones

Written Testimony from Marlene Fumia

Written Testimony from Claire Liggeitt

Written Testimony from Jim Zoller

Written Testimony from Janis Hall

Written Testimony from the Roberts Family

Video Testimonies:

Longwell Video Testimony

ChadLuft Video Testimony

Jacob Kelly Video Testimony

Josh Bohbot Video Testimony

Peyton Video Testimony


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