The Jett Foundation Fighting Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Jett Foundation on PTC Therapeutics Acquisition of Emflaza™

March 16, 2017

1107010-1457451627231224Jett Foundation is  hopeful that today’s announcement that PTC Therapeutics has entered into an asset purchase agreement with Marathon Pharmaceuticals, LLC to acquire all rights to Emflaza™ (deflazacort) is the start of a new chapter surrounding access to deflazacort for Duchenne patients in the United States.

While questions and concerns surrounding pricing and access still exist, we eagerly anticipate open and honest discussions with PTC surrounding the commercialization of Emflaza™, and hope that guidance and evidence based inputs provided by important stakeholders are considered when evaluating the new pricing of Emflaza™.

We hope to see a strong commitment to patient access from PTC Therapeutics, and will work closely with PTC to ensure that our patient community experiences a smooth transition.


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